COLWYN PARK White Swiss Shepherds


The Bailey Family - Colwyn Park - Western Australia


The Bailey family live on 135 acres of beef farm 50km south east of Perth, Western Australia.  Our life style includes breeding Charolias cross beef stock, restoring and flying vintage aircraft and keeping lots of family pets including dogs, cats, horses, aviary budgies, hens, peacocks and fish in all our water troughs.


Having owned German Shepherds all my life my joy was to travel Australia with my first black and tan dog – Khan. He was my constant companion and best friend, a very confident quiet boy who's favourite pastime was stealing icecreams from children in prams!








We purchased a black GSD – Zac when our youngest daughter was 1 year old.  He was the family pet and Sarah's protector  until his passing at the ripe old age of nearly 14 years. He and Sarah were inseparable partners in fun and crime. 



He was very socialable with other dogs and girl visitors but was known to push "boy children" away from Sarah when they came for a play date.



It was just in the latter years of Zac that I discovered the white shepherd breed and the Swiss White Shepherd Dog. 



I researched all I could about this breed and upon meeting them was amazed to find their wonderful outgoing personality, solid trainable character and wonderful playfulness – the “total clown”.

I enquired Australia wide and waited (im) patiently for the best bred litter I could find to choose the male that suited the characteristics I feel are the best for the breed.

Our WSSD has grown up with cattle and horse awareness, birdlife, small dogs and cats and knows not to chase, catch or harass ‘family.’

I believe in obedience training all my dogs and with the high energy of a WSSD I would also like to enjoy agility training with them.

My goal is to improve the White Swiss Shepherd breeding in Australia ultimately to have them recognised by the ANKC and be shown alongside the imported WSSDs.