COLWYN PARK White Swiss Shepherds



Ajax has his paw into many varied activities.  As he matures we hope he can attend a variety of doggy pastimes to ensure a well-balanced happy healthy dog.

In the drop down menu you can see photos from his Herding, Obedience and Agility lessons as he progresses.

We will include other activities as they occur. 

 His favourite pastime is socialising with other dogs - big or small - he befriends them all.

 October 2011

The weekend following our October Whites Fun Day we attended the Dogs Day Out at Armadale where we met Dingos, many Huskies and made friends with every variety of dog we met.  Ajax had 3 fun runs through the Agility course there and enjoyed every moment.  He happily leapt up, over, through and around the ramps, jumps, tunnels and weaving poles. 

This annual event is a must for local Perth pooches.