COLWYN PARK White Swiss Shepherds



 October 2011

We started our agility training with the lovely Silvia at Southern River Training Centre.  The directional turns were a brain strain on me however Ajax enjoyed the different activity and excelled at the jumps, of course.  His ability to remain concentrating on the jumps and not our class mates was not always successful though. 

Overall very exciting and lots to learn.

November 2011

His keenness and willingness to try hard has seen us improve from straight runs to curves, through the tunnel and returns.  He leads away confidently and is managing the weaving poles, although slowly.  He has made wonderful friends at agility training - Jay and Phoenix.

He enjoys the plank walks and still jumps everything in sight even if not meant to.  





Ajax's weekly routines must include many varied activities due to his high energy drive.  We have not commenced agility training outside our home environment however have been playing around with jumps and fun games;


 These beautiful photos are by my gorgeous daughter Sarah.