COLWYN PARK White Swiss Shepherds


Introducing China - Colwyn Park Princess Magnolia

China will stay at CP as our next family member.  She will be undergoing obedience training and see what types of activities suit her best.

April 2017 - China started Beginners at Southern River O & A Dog Club.  She was a little unsure of all the other dogs but made friends with the smallest poodle.  At the end of first term I am very impressed with China's ability to concentrate and focus with lots of dogs and things going on around us.  Basic introductions going well   She has mastered walk at heel, self correcting into position, sit, stand,  drop, stay and recall.  So happy with the little star of the class.  She is calm and confident and has been used heaps with meeting excitable or nervous puppies.  So proud of my little mate.

July 2017 - Advanced Beginners class at obedience. Not a lot of attendance this term due to me being away and weather cancelling classes.  But overall, the socialising and focus is helping China to develop into a well-rounded girl.  She passed all required activities and thrives on the time alone with me.

Oct 2017 - Missed obedience class this term due to travelling away.  However China is growing like a week.  She's such a tenacious girl.  She drives both Eski and Ajax to distraction.  Always pushing their buttons.  Has found a complete softie in Ajax (who just ignores her antics) but Eski sometimes puts her back in her place with strong growls and a "snap-down".  Good Eski - she's such a calm strong leader.

February 2018 - Intermediate obedience class.  Now there's lots of off-lead training.  Sending around a cone, touching a target, send away, find, completing a series of exercises before getting her reward "jackpot".  Perch work and hind end awareness are other exercises we are working on.  She's a quick learner and manages to concentrate for sets of 10 minutes and then has a break.  She will not play tug on a release break but loves a massage or just cuddle time.  She is such a different dog at training.  Works better there than at home.

Term 2 2018 - No formal obedience booked in as we are away a lot.  So lots of time needed at home.

Our favourite pastime is the long bush walks up Jarrahdale.  We love the hills and the smells.  So long as they don't see kangaroos, we have a lovely time.