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Eski - Pedigree & Health Info


Rosehill Honorine de Balzac - Eski

Sire              :   E'Prince of Trebons Berger Blanc

                         - (Imported) Spain

Dam             :    Coolabah Joli Mist (Charlotte) 

Birth date      :   14th February 2012 - "Valentines Day"

HD               :    2:1 Australian Grade A   

ED                :   0:0

MDR1:          :    Tested +/+ clear

DNA:            :    Tested

DM:              :    Normal

Height           :   60cm

Weight          :   34 kgs


February 2015

A much more mature female now at 3 years of age. She is showing herself to be very clever though far more sensitive than Ajax.  She has successfully raised a litter of 4 pups, proving to be a firm but caring mother.  She has continued in her obedience classes to attain her Intermediate certificate and is moving onto CCD classes.  Physically she is very deep chested, satisfactorily long in the body for a female and well muscled.

She still loves water, enjoys beach swims and loves long bush walks. 

July 2013

 All DNA tests came back normal as above and very happy with her hip and elbow results.

June 2013

Hip & elbow xrays completed. DNA, health swabs submitted to the labs. Awaiting results.

April 2013

Has completed her first seasonal heat. We are all glad that is over.  Now to prepare for her health checks 

 February 2013

Eski is now 1 year old.  She has developed more confidence with public outings, meets all people happily and careful when meeting other dogs. Her head is becoming more mature and face becoming feminine.  Her body type is still lean with great depth of chest, good leg bone, well sprung rib cage and muscular legs. She is intense and bold with a keen attitude to training, playing and working.  She has nominated herself as constant companion whilst you either drive the tractor, 4 wheeler or riding the horse - she's along for the run.  She has no fear of the cattle or horses but maintains her distance as trained. The loving devotion of this breed is apparent - whenever the grandchildren visit as she will lay as close as possible to guard the baby or follow young Bailey around with Ajax too (of course).

September 2012

Eski's strong confident personality is shown every day as is her tenacity in constantly playing with Ajax.  She has a huge love of water and dives in almost daily.  She adores our 2 y.o.  grandson and follows hims around when he visits. And her love of people is obvious on all social outings where she insists on meeting and greeting all children and adults alike.

May 2012

This confident girl will gradually show her personality and temperament whilst I expose her to farm life, children, training and then, when she is safely vaccinated, social activities.

 I look forward to detailing her growth here. 



Eski at 18 months. August 2013