COLWYN PARK White Swiss Shepherds


MASALI KENNELS - QLD  Shannondore Pyotie         DoB: 30th April 2012

 30th June 2012. Both pups have gone to wonderful for-ever homes. Troy keeps in touch with both families to watch their progress.

 Masali Singoi Sari - female lives Qld.

Masali Samguna - male 12 weeks - lives in Qld.

Pyotie and pups at 7 weeks of age.


5th May - Pups only 5 days old and they have nearly doubled in weight.

 Boy - 5 days old - Weight 1,082 g


Girl 5 days old - 1,056 g







30th April - Pyotie gave birth naturally and successfully to 2 pups.

1 boy 522g

1 girl 578g

Ultrasounds had shown only 2 puppies and Troy was prepared for a caesar - just in case however Pyotie did it all on her own on her due date. Clever girl.

Photos at 4days old.

Boy now 815g and girl 799g.


 Proud Mum


 21st April - Photo of Pyotie - 1 week before due date:




 Pyotie is confirmed pregnant. Puppies due end of April.

 We are proud to announce a planned mating via AI to Shannondore Pyotie in Queensland - with confirmation of pregnancy March 2012.

Pyotie is a lovely smiley 2 year old, by Shannondore Coojay (long coat) out of Rosehill Bella Rosa a short coated female.  Her hips scores are great being Australian. Grade 2 and Elbows 0:0. 

She is a beautifully bodied, very active girl with a very friendly nature and together with Ajax should produce brilliant white puppies with a possiblity of both long and short coats. The puppies would be suitable for family pets and or dog sports.

 For puppy enquiries or any questions please contact me by phone/email or Troy at Masali Kennels. 0412 729 009