COLWYN PARK White Swiss Shepherds


Rally O and Obedience Training

 Well its been quite a few years coming but we have finally trialled at Rally O and CCD class.  We had time off during early 2014 for the birth and growing fun of the Colwyn litter.  Then Ajax fractured his near side hind leg in a freak playing accident in late May.  After months of cage rest he has slowly returned to fitness, walking and finally training.

Our first Rally Novice event was on 23rd May under the West Coast Rottweiler Club of WA at Dogswest and he passed with a score of 85.

 His next Rally Novice pass was on 1st June under SRA&DC  and he scraped through with 75% - due to handler errors.


His third Rally Novice pass was on 13th June under Perth T & O DC where he passed soundly with 93 points.


We followed our 2 terms of CCD training at Southern River with two  trials but in both cases he has totally refused to "switch on", kept looking for his friends or at other rings and subsequently did not achieve a pass mark.  I am thinking he needs a breather.


 February 26th 2011- Tried Rally O after Agility class tonight. He seemed to enjoy it much more than normal obedience.  Its fun 'cause we can talk and encourage throughout the course.

Looking forward to more training next week.



We passed! with 94% - Well done Ajax


5th December 2011 - We are attending an examination to pass out of Advanced Beginners.  paws crossed!


Ajax achieved 2nd place in Obedience CCD level at the WSSDCA National Show in a field of 10. See Showing


We are currently enrolled in Advanced Beginners class at Gosnells All Breeds Obedience Club.

At home he the perfect student. All heel work, sit, drop or stand stays are executed flawlessly.  His concentration levels are increasing.

 However our weekly training sessions at the Dogswest centre are truly enjoyed by the ever-enthusiastic Ajax who thoroughly believes they are socialising events - not work.  Our instructor did say she could see improvement this week.  30th August 2011

We have 5 weeks until testing and graduation........

We are still practising our obedience - especially when out on our walks as his chase drive over-rides his hearing.  The recalls are improving even when there are exciting sheep or foxes to chase. 

We attend our local markets to work on his obedience in crowded situations with lots of distractions.  He is fantastic with children and adults coming up for a pat and talk however still insists on meeting and trying to play with all the passing dogs.   On our last visit, we met with a lady who's first question was: "Is he one of Sharon's?"  Of course I was so proud to say yes.  She has 2 Rosehill dogs.

 12th September.....Our weekly lessons are intensifying with higher expectations on the dogs needing to "know" what to do at certain manouvres - without word commands and minimal hand signals.


Sarah came to the lesson to take some photos and videos (see video page) of Ajax and I at work.  Only 3 weeks to testing.