COLWYN PARK White Swiss Shepherds


Ajax's favourite activity - Socialising

Early 2015 Ajax was assessed and accepted by Animal Companions WA to visit and socialise with the elderly in care homes.  I underwent a training day and passed too.

We have a lovely regular booking at a local Aged Care facility where attends for 2 + hours and enjoys all the pats and companionship he can take.  We walk in the gardens with a group and also just hang with "his" favourite residents. 

I am so proud of his acceptance and attitude of all people we meet.  

Whether it be at the beach, park, market or organised fun day, he just loves meeting and playing with other dogs and people.

We have recently attended the United Whites Beach Day at Hilarys north of Perth.

More photos can be viewed at:-!cpZZ1QQtppZZ16