COLWYN PARK White Swiss Shepherds



The WSSD is a pure breed dog recognised throughout the world and registered with FCI (Federation of Canine International), based in Switzerland. However there are many dogs bred in Australia with pedigrees recorded by the White Swiss Shepherd Dog Club of Australia, for the past 10 years.  However these dogs, with their WSSDCA registration and pedigrees are not recognised by the ANKC. Their records, pedigrees, health information and breed history are the same as their European counterparts however they do not hold an ANKC or FCI pedigree. 

Pups from Colwyn Park will come with a WSSDCA pedigree together with life-time backup care.  Both adults have undergone all required health checks:-  Hip & Elbow assessment and scores, MDR1, DNA, VonWillebrands etc to ensure no congenital abnormalities are passed to their offspring.  They have 6 generations of pure white behind them and 87% of imported bloodlines.  Ajax and Eski’s sires are both European bred. Ajax by imported semen and Eski by an imported male. Both their dams and grand dams are bred by imported semen from European males.

If you purchase an imported WSSD dog from overseas or a puppy bred from imported dogs you will receive an ANKC or FCI pedigree and that dog/puppy can be shown in whatever category you wish. ie conformation, obedience, agility, tracking etc etc.

UPDATE: ANKC have now recognised and listed the White Swiss Shepherd Dog under the sporting guidelines. The Australian Bred WSSD can be registered with the ANKC and trialled under the Sporting Register at obedience, agility, tracking, herding etc WITHOUT having to be sterilised.

Previously:- The WSSD bred in Australia from Australian and imported bloodlines cannot be given an ANKC pedigree and not be shown in any category, as above, unless that dog is sterilised and registered with your local state body, eg Dogswest.

The WSSD Club of Australia is in the process of having the Australian register  recognised and it is in the hands of the ANKC currently (July 2013) with the outcome unknown.  This breed is NOT rare.  You will find backyard breeders (BYB) who have purchased pups from other BYB and gone on to breed again.  These dogs will have the same beautiful temperament and good looks, however the parents have not undergone any health checks nor do they have a pedigree.  They could be in danger of being inbred as there is not a huge gene pool in Australia.

We are hoping for recognition of Australian bloodlines especially as one of Ajax’s litter mates – Rosehill Duchess de Brabant was exported to Italy as a puppy, underwent a recognition programme by judge assessment, pedigree, DNA testing etc and attained her full FCI pedigree.  She has since gone on to become Junior and adult female Champion of Italy as well as producing pups that have gone on to win championships at shows throughout Europe.  Therefore it shows that the standard of this breeding is as high as that in Europe.

In looking for a suitable puppy for your family you need to consider your requirements. If you wish to show/breed your dog under ANKC guidelines, you will need to find a breeder from the website.  You can, of course, purchase an Australian bred pup with WSSDCA pedigree and breed under their guidelines but you cannot show them in ANKC shows.

I train both my dogs in obedience, rally obedience and agility  for the fun and mental stimulation and now am continuing to Trial stage as they have ANKC Sporting Register pedigrees under the 2014 ruling. 

 Should the ANKC accept the Australian pedigree lines for conformation showing - I will update this here!

December 2014