COLWYN PARK White Swiss Shepherds



Information from the WSSDCA site - breeders page:-

 A responsible breeder will be able to show you both parents' pedigrees which should clearly state "Upgraded for Breeding Purposes".

A White Shepherd is a large working breed developed to move and tend flocks of sheep.  They have medium to high energy levels and an active and inquisitive mind.  They are not suitable for all personalities or environments, and can become destructive or a nuisance barker if bored. White Shepherds are needlessly re-homed, dumped or destroyed often due to being purchased by people unable to spend the time providing adequate Socialisation and Training while the dog is still young.  Please take a moment to consider whether you have the time and situation to raise a White Shepherd to be a happy, well adjusted adult dog.


What to Look For in Purchasing Your Puppy

That both the parents pedigrees show "Upgraded for Breeding" on their papers. This shows the parents have met Hip/ Elbow X-ray and Scoring requirements. Any new dogs that are upgraded for breeding from 2012 must also be MDR-1 tested. For further details contact the WSSDCA Enquiries officer -

Your puppy should be bright and alert, with a healthy coat, clear eyes and nose. He should not be underfed or skinny. Puppies that are lethargic, have red skin, crusty eyes, runny/crusty nose or diarrhoea need veterinary attention and should be avoided.

The environment should be clean and comfortable.

The mother has a very good temperament, confident and happy, not shy or aggressive and looks in good condition (Bear in mind she may be a little thin and her coat may be sparse as she has just gone through feeding and rearing this litter) If the sire is not able to be viewed ask to see photos or video, ask about his temperament and why he was chosen to breed to this bitch.

The puppies should be outgoing and playful. Overly shy pups are a concern and may require specialist handling.

The puppies should be microchipped, vaccinated and by law not leaving for their new home under eight weeks of age.